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 Roasted Sweet Potato Nachos

Roasted Sweet Potato Nachos

I have a thing for roasted veggies, specifically Sweet Potatoes.

I love this recipe because you can almost always throw this together with extras you have in your fridge. As long as you have Sweet Potatoes + some kind of Beans, you are basically 1/2 way there.


Roasted Sweet Potato Nachos: Healthier take on Nachos



-1-2 Avocados

-3 Large Sweet Potatoes, cut lengthwise

-1 Can Beans of choice. I used Black, but I think anything would work

-2 Ears Sweet Corn

-1 Cup sliced Cherry Tomatoes

- Handful fresh Cilantro, chopped

-1/3 Cup diced Yellow Onion

-Olive Oil

-Shredded Cheese of Choice. I use Vegan Cheese from Diaya Foods.


Pre heat oven to 415f. Wash &  Slice Potatoes lengthwise. Toss Potatoes in a bowl with a drizzle of Olive Oil & a sprinkle of Salt & Pepper. Lay flat on lined baking sheet & roast for 20-40 min depending on thickness of Potatoes. You want them to be tender & have browned edges before you take them out.

While Potatoes are roasting:

Cut Corn off Cobb & toss with diced Onion. Saute in a bit of Olive Oil on Med/High till slightly charred. Set aside. Slice Tomatoes + Avocado & set aside. Roughly chop Cilantro, set aside. Drain & rinse beans, set aside.

Remove Potato from oven & rearrange to layer potatoes + Beans + Corn mixture. Top with handfuls of shredded Cheese and put back in the oven till Cheese is melted & bubbly.

Add Tomato & Avocado mixture + Cilantro on top. You could also add sliced Jalapenos if you like some heat.

Enjoy while it's hot~






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