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Quick Falafel & Tzatziki

Quick Falafel & Tzatziki

I love these Falafel patties. I have put them on Salads, in Pita sandwiches, on top of rice bowls etc. They keep for a week in the fridge AND you could freeze them if you are really into pre planning.  I am not sure how long this Tzatziki lasts because every time I make it it's gone within 24 hours by my family:)


-1 Can Garbanzo Beans, rinsed & drained

-Handful fresh Parsley, chopped

-Handful fresh Cilantro, chopped

-2 Tblspn Lemon juice

-Olive Oil

-3 Cloves Garlic

-1/4C Flour of choice, I used Almond flour but I am sure anything will work!

-1/2 Tspn Salt & Pepper

-1/2 Tspn Cumin

-1/2 Tspn Coriander


Pulse Garlic in food processor a few times. Add all ingredients except Olive Oil & spices into food processor & pulse till everything is incorporated & a thick paste forms. This doesnot need to be a smooth mixture, you want it somewhat chunky. I recommend adding the flour little by little till you get a good texture.

Transfer mixture to a bowl & stir in all spices. Or you can knead it with your hands and get dirty! Form patties with your hands & pan fry in some Olive Oil till brown & crispy on both sides.

You can also bake these @400 for 10-15 min each side.


-2C Greek Yogurt

-2C Cucumber, peeled, shredded, & drained

-2-4 Tblspn Lemon juice

-Handful fresh Parsley, chopped

-Handful fresh Mint, chopped

-Salt & Pepper to taste


Peel your Cucumber & shred using a cheese shredder, or chop. Put Cucumer into a collander & sprinkle with salt & let sit 5 min. This helps the water drain from the Cucumber.

Mix fresh herbs & Lemon juice with Greek Yogurt in a bowl. Squeeze excess liquid from Cucumber shreds & add to the bowl. Add Salt & Pepper to taste.

You can play around with the kind of herbs you use here too. I have used Basil (so good!) and Cilantro as well. This is a perfect topping for the Falafel or used as a spread for sandwiches & crackers.

Enjoy & if you have any fun modifications you have tried leave a comment below & let me know!

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