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Lavender Latte

Lavender Latte

This recipe is my new fave! It can be made with Coffee or Tea. It is really all about the Lavender Milk that you add to your tonic of choice.

I could have gone the Lavender Simple Syrup rout, but am not into the extra sugars. Enjoy!


-1/2 C Vegan Milk of choice. I used Almond Milk.

-1 Tblspn Culinary grade Lavender

-2 bags high quality black tea. I use Earl Grey

-1/2 C filtered H20



Heat Milk on the stove with Lavender until steaming and fragrant. Do not boil!

Steep tea while Milk is heating. I use two teabags so it's nice and strong. The hubs likes one bag, its good either way. Steep according to package instructions. I generally steep 3-5 min. Stir in sweetener to hot tea if you like. 

Strain Lavender out of the Milk & pour into frother of choice. I use my Nutrubullet and it works amazingly! Blend for 60 seconds and you have warm frothy amazing Lavender Milk.

Remove bags from steeping tea, top with your Lavender Milk & sprinkle with extra Lavender as a garnish. 


Let me know how you like this in comments below. Did you use coffee or tea? The Milk is also really nice as a little nightcap to calm and relax before bed!



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