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Dry Brushing 101

Dry Brushing 101

I love dry brushing for a few different reasons:

  1. Stimulates your Lymphatic system. Which is responsible for eliminating cellular waste
  2. Exfoliates ( who doesn't need that) resulting in smoother & brighter skin
  3. It is super invigorating! Like coffee for your body
  4. Meditative- gives me 5 min before showering to check in and see how I am feeling. I do all my best thinking in the shower so, this is a great prelude :)

I dry brush before I shower, and then apply body oil. Some people prefer to dry brush after bathing. I suggest trying both and seeing what you/your skin like more. 

There are some things that are not negotiable when it comes to dry brushing:


  • Start at your feet, brushing upwards twards your heart in short strong strokes. Brush your legs, buttocks, arms torso & back all the while brushing tward your heart.
  • Apply enough pressure to stimulate circulation
  • Buy a natural bristle Dry Brush
  • Wash & air dry your brush once a month
  • Take 3-5 min to Dry Brush your entire body
  • Brush daily if you can, you will see the most results this way. Starting out, every other day is great until you adjust.


  • Brush over broken or irritated skin of any kind
  • Dry Brush your face
  • Apply so much pressure it hurts
  •  Dry Brush if you have sensitive/flare up skin


And there you have it! Dry brushing gets all the credit for keeping my skin smooth and I swear I haven't been sick since I have been doing it daily! Not sure if the two are connected but I feel great and that counts for something :)

Are there any Do's & Don'ts I missed!? Share in the comments below!


Photo Journal // Colorado

Photo Journal // Colorado