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8 Steps To Create a Wellness Sanctuary at home

8 Steps To Create a Wellness Sanctuary at home

My home is one of my absolute favorite places to be. I consider it my own personal wellness sanctuary. I didn't always consider it that though, and used to hate spending time at home.

After a few easy changes - my home is my personal place to rest, recharge, heal and be at peace. 

Here's a little list of things you can do over the weekend or even in a day to create a more relaxing & healthy home sanctuary. 

1. Practice mindful minimalism:

Take away what causes stress like piles of paper, clothes you don't wear ( donate them) clean out your bathroom and toss expired products, go room by room doing a quick sweep and remove anything that is not either useful or does not cause joy. For more on this grab "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up". 

2. Add what brings joy & peace:

This is different for everyone. For me, this means having plants, crystals, incense/Palo Santo + music in every room. For you it could be art, candles,  photos of family, flowers. Incorporate anything that brings you a sense of calm & joy. 

If you aren't sure where to start with Crystals and Sage and such I reccomend  a Moon & Jai kit. They come with everything you need to start a sweet little midnfull practice. 

I caught up with Gina, founder of Moon and Jai to answer some commonly asked questions on crystals :

Q: What are some good crystals for beginners?

A: any crystal that comes into your field and you are drawn to are great! Most people start with rose Quartz to create more self love, confidence and attract love, amethysts for all types of healing and harmonizing, citrine for prosperity, selenite to neutralize negative energy or The Master Healer - clear quartz 




Q: What is the best stone if you suffer from Anxiety?

A: blue stones are great - blue calcite, blue topaz or even Celestine are very soothing and calming. Rose Quartz can also bring in deeper levels of self love and neutralize anxious thoughts in the process.




Q: Anything to say to the crystal skeptics out there?

A: crystals are. It for everyone, nor are beautiful house plants, meditation, yoga, or plant based diets :) if crystals don't resonate with you, perhaps its best you don't work with them ~





Q: Top 2 things you always have in your home that creates a well atmosphere?

A: Palo Santo & sage and many different crystals for different needs and different moods :)


Q: One thing you would recommend we add to our morning routine? 

A: intention setting for your day very first thing in the morning :)


Q: #1 favorite self care activity?

A: long luxurious baths with crystals, salts, essential oils and an amazing book!



Q: Why did you start Moon & Jai ? 

A: Seeing the amazing benefits smudging and crystals brought into my world ~ My deepest desire was to share this magic with others! I wanted to create an all in one ritual kit with not only all the tools, but also ample instructions that would appeal to beginner magic makers, and take guesswork out of working with crystals and smudging. Something delightful and elegant that would make the perfect gift while planting seeds of a deeper or different spiritual practice!

*Big thanks to Gina and sharing her knowledge! Be sure to check out our Instagram for the giveaway to win a Release kit from Moon & Jai +  a plant from me!*

3. Meditate daily:

I use a free app called Insight timer & its amazing! Like having a personal Meditation teacher at your fingertips all the time. Since I have started meditating before bed and upon waking I sleep better, have a healthier response to stress & am generally more calm and happy. Eventually your body will start to associate meditating with being at home and you will automatically feel more at ease as soon as you walk through your front door. 

4.Nourish your body:

When you go to a spa or wellness retreat they give you healthy juices, fruits, teas etc. No one goes to get a massage and gets handed a Snickers. So, grab a pitcher and make some infused water (think Lime + Cucumber + Mint). Chop some healthy fruits to keep in your fridge so you have it anytime. Keep teas readily available as well as any supplements you like & try to resist bringing home processed junk that will only make you feel worse. 

5. Create a relaxation corner:

Clear a space in the home just for relaxing. Whether you do yoga there, meditate, read, nap, call a friend, journal..... This is a space just for relaxing and should be clear of clutter, airy & minimal. Think, soft pillow or two, candle, plant & cup of tea. 

6. Create healthy boundaries with your phone: 

I think its great that people take "digital detoxes" but I personally believe its more balanced to create a healthy relationship with your phone rather than binge and purging all the time. So, what works for me is to not be on my phone 30-60 min before bed and 30-60 min upon waking. 

I also try to never bring the phone to meals with family or friends. 

7. Bump up your self care- it’s not just for Sunday’s: 

Do a face mask while you make breakfast. Meditate with an app during your lunch break. Ask a friend to watch your kid so you can have a hour alone. Spend 15 min in your yard every day. 

I'm a huge fan of face masks while answering emails or making dinner. Taking walks while listening to pod casts and doing 5 min of yoga in the living room here and there. There is no rule that Sunday's are the only day you can practice self care. 

You can give yourself a facial massage and do a face mask every night if you want!

8.Protect the home vibe:

This one is so important. Be aware of who you’re allowing into your home & what they bring to the table. Energy is a real thing people, and it can totally throw off your entire home. Bring awareness into who you are allowing to influence and affect you. Bring people into your home who you feel good around, who inspire and motivate you to be a better person. 


There you have it friends! I hope this has inspired you to revamp a bit and bring in more good vibes and create a healing home. 

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