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Father's Day Gift Giving Do's + Dont's // By Nicholas Baker

Father's Day Gift Giving Do's + Dont's // By Nicholas Baker

So you waited till the last minute to get the Dad in your life something for Father's Day..... fear not. 
First off, you really don't need to get good 'ol Dad anything at all. We pride ourselves on having limited material needs. When we say we don't want a gift, we actually mean it (unlike Mom's + Wives who say it and are definitely lying).
However, if you feel compelled to show your appreciation physically, I have compiled a list of dope ass Dad gifts and some definite "Don'ts" for those scrambling to get your two day shipping from Amazon Prime. 


Low Profile Money Clip or Phone Case

Helps keeps things looking tight in skinny jeans. Personally I love the wallet IPhone case made by Silk.

Multi Tool: only if he doesn’t have one. (Everyone should)

Leatherman is a solid choice.

Athletic/technical material boxer briefs:

If Dad is rocking white briefs or cotton boxers, upgrade his underwear to something sporty. Puma Performance is great. 

Audible Membership:

Get Dad a membership for this audio book service and pick something that will keep him interested on those long drives.

Badass Japanese kitchen knife:

If Dad likes to cook, get him a badass Kiritsuke, Santoku, or Gyoto style knife. Spend at least $50, go Damascus if you want to be extra badass.

Crystal Whiskey decanter + glasses:

If Dad loves whisky, release his inner Don Draper with a slick crystal decanter and matching glasses. Just don’t get mad if you catch him drunk hitting on his secretary at 11am. I don't drink anymore, but when I did, this was one of the best gifts Amber ever got me.

Quality T-shirts:

Don’t go crazy and spend $50-60 on a T-shirt, that will make any Dad mad if he finds out, just on principle alone.

However, I really appreciate quality and love what they do at Alternative Apparel. Eco conscious T-shirts made in America for under $30, they don’t shrink and you can look like a boss in a T-shirt.

Sexy Lingerie:

For you ladies...don’t go too complicated with snaps and corsets, think easy to take off.

Most of us would be happy with a matching bra and thong set. If you want to go big, think Slips and thigh highs.

Portable Vaporizor:

If Dad lives in one of the many states that now has medical or legal cannabis, get him the healthiest and tastiest way to consume it.

I love the V2 series 7, and the best part is it will keep the house from ever smelling like stale bong loads.

Nice pair of Denim:

You should know Dad's jean size. Most Dads aren’t going to drop money on good denim.

Get him something just a little tighter that he normally wears, but make sure there is a little stretch in those jeans so he can still throw a karate kick if he has too.

I really like a Levi’s 511s or Japanese denim from Banana Republic.


  • Shave kits:

Any grown man should already have his shaving system dialed in & something that works for him.

  • Pocket knives:

Dad should already have a knife or 2 for camping and self defense, if he’s a knife wielding kind of guy. 

  • Whisky stones:

If your man loves Whiskey, and he’s that worried about ice watering it down, let him drink it neat like the God's intended. 

  • Gift cards:

I shouldn’t even have to explain this.

So there you have it. These gifts are also solid choices for Dad's birthday and Christmas, but maybe don't wait till 2 days before to get your game plan together.
And in case you have one of those Dads/husbands who want to spend the day golfing away from the family, or the man princesses who actually expect fancy gifts and elaborate plans; I say don't get those bastards anything at all.
Personally, Father's day is a celebration of Fatherhood and all I expect is a little quality time with my family, and maybe a $100 Damascus kitchen knife that looks like you could use it to defend yourself from the Yakuza.
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